Archaic roots found in a space of resonance between therapist and patient

  • 25:54
Hubert Bernd Weissig, Musician, eater director, Music therapist

Archaic roots found in a space of resonance between therapist and patient – music as a medium for pain therapy

Of the pygmies we know that the hunt was prepared, in which a part of the clan personified the animal to be killed and the other part the collective of hunters. In a complex ritual the "withdrawal" of the animal was legitimized from the circulation - was associated with the soul and managed so again harmony and balance. The pounding, drumming, dancing, calling etc. brought the players into a trance. These interventions were necessary to stay in order with the all- powerful nature in harmonious connection.
In the archaic sense music needs no language. Therefore, it is for therapeutic approaches, which start from the certainty that involuntary processes are faster than arbitrary and that it should therefore be a matter just to use the unconscious, non-cognitive areas of the body as a resource for improving the overall condition of patients in pain and again to let life and joy of life re-emerge through a creative activity in response to the therapist.
Everyone in our culture knows in general the feeling of resonance, the "survey" while listening to Kurt Mahler symphonies, Guiseppe Verdi ́s arias or pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach. What then mythic power resonates in us, there is an anarchic energy, a cultural experience that is stored in our bodies and addresses us as a member of human class, a community. This is where a reverse bonding processes that mentally keeps mankind since its existence alive.
I will use this energy for an alternative therapeutic offer.